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The Power of the Moon: How Harnessing Its Energy May Improve Your Life

Sarah Bennett

6 min read

Jul 3



Have you ever noticed a shift in your mood, energy levels, or sleep patterns that seemed to align with the moon's cycle? It's not just a coincidence, the changing phases of the moon can have a profound impact on our emotions and well-being. In this article, we'll explore the fascinating world of moon phases and how they influence our feelings and behaviour and how we can use them to achieve our dreams and intentions.

Dark Moon Healing

The Dance of the Moon and Mood

The New Moon

As the moon transitions into its new phase, it serves as a powerful symbol of new beginnings and the emergence of fresh opportunities. The energy of the new moon is often linked with the act of setting clear intentions, sowing the seeds for future projects, and embarking on exciting new journeys. Much like the moon itself, which appears dark during this phase, you may find yourself naturally inclined to turn inward, reflecting on your ambitions, dreams, and aspirations. This is an ideal time for grounding yourself and gaining a clear sense of purpose and direction in your life. You might discover a subconscious urge to initiate new endeavours in response to the influence of this moon phase. It presents an opportune moment to tap into the energy of fresh starts, establish achievable goals, and wholeheartedly commit to them in order to realize your desired outcomes. During the new moon, it's essential to be mindful of how it can impact our emotions and well-being. It may bring about heightened irritability and racing thoughts for some, while others may experience increased aches and pains. Keeping a diary of your moods and emotions can help you understand how they align with the lunar cycle.

Ways to harness new moon energy:

  • Write down your dreams and goals for the month, setting milestones each week.

  • Create a sacred space to harness the moon's energy and meditate.

  • Take time to self-reflect. Do this by practising meditation, burning your favourite incense, lighting a candle, and setting the intentions. It can bring calm into your life and promote clear thinking.

  • If you have been thinking about starting something new, now's the perfect time with the new moon's energy, so go for it!

  • Cleanse your home using smudge, ensuring all your doors and windows are open to allow stagnant or negative energies to leave.

  • Decluttering your home will improve the flow of energy. It will also enhance your mental well-being and alleviate stress.

New Moon Affirmations:

"I am reborn with this new moon"

"I have the power to shape my reality"

"I trust that I am on the right path"

"I am inspired by everything around me"

The Waxing Moon

During the waxing phase of the moon, we experience a gradual increase in energy both within and surrounding us. This phase is often associated with forward momentum, expansion, and ingenuity. It's normal to feel a heightened surge in motivation and increased optimism during this period. It's an ideal time to actively pursue your passions, nurture the concepts you set in motion during the new moon, and broaden your perspective. Consider creating a vision board of your goals to provide focus. Embracing the energy of the waxing moon promotes a more open-minded approach, allowing us to navigate challenges and grow. It's an opportunity to re-evaluate our priorities and make the necessary adjustments as we progress towards our goals.

Ways to harness Waxing Moon energy:

  • Write weekly plans and ideas to help you achieve your goals and milestones.

  • As mentioned above, creating a vision board of what you want to achieve is a great motivator.

  • Keep going forward, and don't dwell on the past. This is a time for fast, hardworking energy.

Waxing Moon Affirmations:

"I am open to new opportunities and abundance in my life"

"My goals are clear and more achievable each day"

"I am motivated and determined to make my dreams a reality"

"I embrace change and trust the process of growth and transformation"

The Full Moon

During the phase of the full moon, many people experience an increase in emotional intensity and sensitivity. The moon's radiant light has the ability to reveal and bring to the surface emotions and thoughts that may have been hidden or suppressed. This period is often viewed as an opportunity for gaining clarity and insight into various aspects of our lives. The full moon is considered to be a potent time for various practices, such as manifestation, where individuals focus on attracting positive experiences and outcomes into their lives, as well as abundance, gratitude, and forgiveness. It's a time to let go of what no longer serves us and embrace the concept of release and renewal. Many also view the full moon as an occasion to celebrate achievements and acknowledge personal growth. However, alongside its transformative energy, the full moon can also bring about restlessness and heightened sensitivity in individuals. It is essential to be mindful of these effects and to engage in self-care practices during this time to maintain emotional balance and well-being.

Ways to harness Full Moon energy:

  • Use a crystal grid to enhance Full Moon energy (leave your crystals to charge in the moonlight)

  • It is a time for remaining calm, as the powerful influence of the full moon can make you feel a bit scattered. Try doing breathwork or meditations.

  • Express gratitude for the things in your life and the goals you have achieved.

  • Release any emotional baggage you may be carrying.

Full Moon Affirmations:

"I release what no longer serves me"

"I am whole, complete and aligned with my true self"

"I forgive myself and others, letting go of past hurts and embracing peace"

"I embrace the present moment and find joy in the here and now"

The Waning Moon

As the moon wanes and decreases in size during its lunar phase, it symbolizes a time for letting go of what no longer aligns with our highest aspirations and purpose. This is a time to reflect on any negative traits you may have and accept them with unconditional love, and release anything that may be holding you back. This phase encourages us to release negativity, declutter our minds and physical spaces, and prepare ourselves for a new beginning. Embracing the waning moon's energy involves detoxifying our lives, revitalizing our energy reserves, and prioritizing self-care to support overall well-being. During this time, it's crucial to use your energy wisely.

Ways to harness Waning Moon energy:

  • This is a time for rest and relaxation, so take time out for yourself.

  • Trust in your manifestations and your achievements.

  • Now is the best time to engage in spiritual activities, such as tarot readings or guided meditations, that can give you insight into your dreams.

  • "Pay it forward" any blessing or acts of kindness you may have received. Now is the best time to pay it forward and share the love.

Waning Moon Affirmations:

"I let go of negative thoughts and embrace positivity"

"I let go of fear and embrace love"

"I am worthy of all the good things coming my way"

"I release what no longer serves me"

Your Lunar Connection

The impact of moon phases on mood can vary from person to person. Some individuals might feel a stronger resonance with certain phases based on their astrological signs or personal experiences. Keeping a mood journal that tracks your emotions throughout the lunar cycle can help you identify patterns and understand how the moon influences your mood.

Your Lunar Characteristics

  • Pisces: Creativity and empathy

  • Capricorn: Organisation and life goals

  • Scorpio: Healing and rebirth

  • Virgo: Logical outlook and Self-care

  • Cancer: Emotions and intuition

  • Gemini: Expressiveness and charisma

  • Aries: Impulsiveness and assertiveness

  • Taurus: Stability and action-orientated

  • Leo: Optimism and confidence

  • Libra: Balance and harmony

  • Sagittarius: Curiosity and risk-taking

  • Aquarius: Passion and independence

Harnessing Lunar Energy

Dark Moon Healing

Whether you're a casual observer of the night sky or a dedicated moon enthusiast, there are ways to harness the energy of moon phases to enhance your well-being:

  • Moon Bathing: Bask in the moon's glow during the full moon to recharge your energy and promote relaxation. This can be done outdoors or indoors.

  • Moon Rituals: Create personal rituals during each moon phase, such as meditation, journaling, or setting intentions. Consider creating a unique moon altar to keep your charged moon crystals and moon water, and use it as a place for peaceful meditation and contemplation.

  • Lunar Yoga: Known as Chandra namaskar (moon salutation), Practice yoga poses that align with the energy of specific moon phases to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Crystals: Use crystals and moonstones to amplify the moon's energy and support emotional healing. Crystals associated with the moon are Selenite, Opal, Labradorite, Moonstone, Clear Quartz, and any crystal that resonates with you when using moon energy to heal.

"The moon is a reminder that no matter what phase we are in, we are still whole."

Sarah Bennett

6 min read

Jul 3

Sarah Bennett



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