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"Unlocking Your Heart Chakra: A Guide to Finding Balance and Harmony"

Sarah Bennett

4 min read

Apr 9



Let's dive into the fourth chakra in our body, the Heart Chakra, also known as Anahata. This chakra is a powerhouse and has some pretty interesting secrets to uncover.

Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra, also known as the fourth chakra or Anahata in Sanskrit, is situated at the centre of the chest. This chakra is a vital energy centre that connects the lower chakras, which are associated with the physical body, with the upper chakras, which are linked to the spiritual realm. It acts as a bridge between our body, mind, emotions, and spirit and plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance and harmony of our entire being. The heart chakra is closely associated with the thymus and the immune system. It is located at the centre of the chest, right above the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The heart chakra is responsible for regulating our complex emotions, including compassion, tenderness, and unconditional love. It helps us maintain equilibrium, overcome rejection, and improve our overall well-being. Physically, the Anahata chakra governs the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body, ensuring that all the organs and tissues receive the nutrients they need to function correctly. Emotionally, it governs our ability to love ourselves and others unconditionally, promoting feelings of empathy and compassion. Mentally, it governs our passion and motivation, helping us pursue our goals with enthusiasm and determination. Spiritually, it governs devotion and our connection to a higher power, allowing us to tap into our inner wisdom and intuition.


Heart Chakra

The symbolism of the Heart Chakra.

The symbol consists of two triangles that intersect and form a six-pointed star within a circle, surrounded by twelve petals. The intersecting triangles represent the air element. Additionally, they symbolize the union of seemingly opposite principles or types of energies, such as male and female, spirit and matter.

What does an unbalanced Heart Chakra feel like?

When your heart chakra is blocked, you might start feeling like you're always on the defensive and shutting people out, or maybe you're always looking for approval and attention from others. You might even have a hard time forgiving and holding grudges against others. Worst of all, a blocked heart chakra can make you feel unworthy like you can't trust yourself or others. And it's not just your emotions that get affected, you might also start experiencing physical issues like chest pain, high blood pressure, and respiratory problems. That's why it's important to keep your heart chakra balanced so you can have a healthy mind and body.

Is it underactive or overactive?

An overactive heart chakra can feel like we are overly attached to people and things. We might become too demanding, clingy, or jealous. We may also give too much and sacrifice too often, even if it's not healthy for us. This can lead to unhealthy relationships where we are not receiving the love and care we deserve. We may also become manipulative, over-critical, and judgmental towards others. It's important to work on balancing this Chakra to experience healthy relationships and emotional stability.

When we have an underactive heart chakra, it can affect how we think, making it harder to feel positive and good about ourselves. We may start feeling unloved, unworthy, and unappreciated, which can make it difficult to trust other people. This can lead to us feeling withdrawn, cold, and unfriendly towards others. We may become judgmental, intolerant, lonely, and afraid of getting close to others. We may also find it hard to understand and empathize with others and may even become self-centred.

Heart Chakra


Activities that help you balance your Heart Chakra.

Spending time in nature.

It is an undeniable fact that spending time in nature can be one of the most powerful ways to restore and rebalance our mind, body, and spirit. The reasons for this are many. For one, being in nature allows us to connect more deeply with the natural world around us, which in turn can help us to better attune to the subtle energies of the earth. This can have a profound impact on our chakras, which are the energy centres of the body that regulate everything from our emotional well-being to our physical health.

Spending time with loved ones.

One of the most powerful and effective ways to balance your heart chakra is by spending time with the people you love. The energy of love, care, and compassion that surrounds us when we are with our loved ones can help us open up our heart chakra, allowing us to feel more connected and in tune with our emotions and the world around us. Whether it's spending time with your family, friends, or significant other, taking some time to connect with the people who matter most to you can be a truly transformative experience that can help you feel more balanced, centred, and energized.


The colour green has the remarkable ability to balance the Heart Chakra. You can incorporate this colour into your daily life by wearing clothing that represents this chakra. This way, you can positively influence your mood, mental clarity, and overall energy levels. Besides, using a green water bottle to carry your water is another effective way to feel more connected to your chakras. This infuses your water with the energy of the colour green, which helps you achieve a better sense of well-being.

Romantic books or movies.

A wonderful way to balance your Heart Chakra is to immerse yourself in romantic activities. You can read or watch romantic literature or movies, which can help you connect with the emotions of love and passion. This can be a great way to relax and unwind while also promoting positive feelings and helping to release any blockages in your Heart Chakra. It can be even better if you include a loved one, as it can become a shared experience that deepens your bond and brings you closer together.

May this piece of information inspire you on your journey of self-healing.

Sarah B


I'm Sarah, a blog writer who is passionate about sharing my spiritual learnings with others. Writing has been my creative outlet for the past year, and I find joy in exploring various spiritual topics.


My current journey of spiritual awakening has been my source of inspiration, and I hope to inspire others too.

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