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Gemstone Bath Bomb (real gemstone inside)

Gemstone Bath Bombs will allow you to feel luxurious, as well as relax and unwind. Their uniqueness is demonstrated not only by the shape and beautiful colours with a hint of glitter, but above all by the surprises hidden in them. Inside each bath bomb, you can find a real gemstone that gives it extra value.

Gemstones are carefully selected, and there are as many as 13 types. There's only one way to find out what gem awaits inside. You will have to take a bath to find out! Each stone has unique properties, which we describe in the leaflets.

Gemstone Bath Bombs are the perfect gift for anyone who wants to feel special in their home spa.

 Weight 190g-220g - Eco-friendly glitter 🌍✨

Gemstone Bath Bomb

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