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Each candle features a sprinkling of crystal chips to help amplify the best qualities of each star sign and promote positivity. Includes

Aquarius (amethyst),

Scorpio (black obsidian),

Sagittarius (blue turquoise),

Cancer (moonstone),

Libra (bloodstone),

Leo (aventurine),

Gemini (citrine),

Capricorn (tiger's eye),

Pisces (aquamarine),

Aries (rose quartz),

Virgo (clear quartz)

Taurus (lapis lazuli).

Packaged in matching sliding boxes that are perfect for gifts. Paraffin wax. Crystals will be released from wax when used. Approximate burn time of 21 hours per candle. Please practice caution when burning and never leave a lit candle unattended. 

Gemstone Zodiac Candle

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