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Gemstones Friendship Bracelets

Each design has a different stone on them so not only do they look amazing but they each have their own individual benefits so they will do some good whilst they are worn. You also need not worry about them fitting as they have stretch in them, so they will fit all. 

A perfect gift for anniversaries, Valentines and also birthdays. Or it could just be a little treat for you to get for yourself.

Loyalty - Amazonite & Yellow Jasper

Love - Amethyst & Rose Quartz

Power - Tiger Eye & Black Stone

Protection - Dalmation Jasper & Yellow Agate

Piece - Picasso Jasper & White Howlite

Ethernity - Leopard Skin Jasper & Lava Stone

Harmony - Rainbow Gemstones

Support - Sodalite & Picture stone


Gemstones Friendship Bracelets

PriceFrom £6.25
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