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Hop Hare Essential Oil Gemstone Roll On

A mystical and aromatherapeutic experience - When essential oils meets the power of gemstones. ✨

Each Hop Hare roll-on bottle features specially selected essential oil blend, chosen for its aromatic properties that synergize with the gemstone power. This magical pairing creates a double force, boosting the holistic benefits of both elements.

The extra layer of magic is a detachable gold-printed tarot card that unveils a world of storytelling. You can choose to keep these tarot cards as a charming keepsake or hop on a journey to collect all seven, each representing a different journey of Hop Hare in discovering scents (the essence of the chosen essential oil blends ).

- 100 % Pure Essential Oil Blend 

- Beautiful Scents

- Real Gemstones

- Detachable Tarot card

- Made in the UK

Perfect duet:  Pair the Hop Hare Essential Oil Gemstone Roll On with Hop Hare Crystal Flower Candle. This combination not only complements each other but also creates unique gift sets with matching designs and gemstones.

Hop Hare Essential Oil Gemstone Roll On

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