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Hop Hare Pouch

Indulge in eco-friendly elegance with Hop Hare Pouch featuring affirmation quotes. The gift that Keeps on giving. 


Sustainable Style: Crafted from natural jute fibres, these pouches are biodegradable and a beautiful alternative to conventional bags.


Empowering Design: Each pouch features a unique, positive affirmation: "I am Strong," "I am Brave," "I am Magical," "I am Bright," "I am Powerful," and "I am Rare."


Multi-Functional: Perfect for storing makeup, jewellery, crystals, or any small essentials.


Exquisite Gift: These beautiful pouches make a thoughtful and inspiring gift for friends and family. Their eco-friendly aspect, motivational affirmations, and functionality make them a great addition to your collection.


Made from 100% natural jute, a renewable resource - Eco-friendly and biodegradable - Perfect for everyday use: makeup, jewellery, keepsakes, and more

Hop Hare Pouch

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