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Shea Butter Bath Bombs

These Jumbo Bath Bombs are just the thing for anyone looking for a high-quality bath fizz that looks and smells great, with lashings of extra Shea Butter to give that ultra-luxurious bath experience. Each bomb weighs a massive 180 grams and contains a generous portion of shea butter to make it smoother on your skin. We have a range of fantastic fragrances to choose from, each in its own distinctive colour.

Romance bath bomb is made with rose and lavender essential oils, with pink rose buds. A truly romantic fragrance.

Fig & Cassis is a classic fragrance combination of sweet, fruity fig and dark blackcurrant for a luxurious bathing experience.

Oriental Musk is fragranced with a light floral musk, making this bath bomb feel truly sensual.

Raspberry & Black Pepper fragrance seems an odd pairing, but the fruitiness of the raspberry warmed by the spice of the black pepper is a combination that works perfectly.

Full-colour ingredients list included.

Shea Butter Bath Bombs

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